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Portraits, Children, Master Bunbury, Joshua Reynolds, Antique Mezzotint Print, London, 1781


Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) (after)
Francis Haward (1759 – 1797) (engraver)
Master Bunbury
Francis Haward, London: November 12, 1781 or later state

An affectionate portrait of Henry Edward Bunbury (1778-1860) at age three, after a famous painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds that is now displayed in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Reynolds was the godfather of the boy, who was the son of the famous caricaturist Henry William Bunbury (1750-1811). The painter kept the young child entertained during the sittings by telling him fairy tales. Expertly engraved with the mezzotint technique, the print captures the feel of the painterly brushwork for which Reynolds was known. A popular image, the print was reissued a few times after its original 1781 publication.

Henry Edward Bunbury eventually became an artist himself, and succeeded his uncle as 7th baronet in 1821.

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Sir Joshua Reynolds was the foremost portrait painter in England in the 18th century, and was extremely influential on later generations of artists. His poses were intended to invoke classical values and to enhance the dignity of his sitters, as is evident in his portrayal of this boy.  His style incorporated strong lighting, rich color and bravura paint handling. He also made history and “fancy pictures.” As first president of the Royal Academy in London, he significantly raised the profile of art and artists in Britain. Reynolds is also known for his eloquent Discourses on Art, delivered to the students and members of the Academy between 1769 and 1790.

Francis Haward was a British engraver, known especially for his engravings after Sir Joshua Reynolds and Angelica Kauffmann. He was trained at the Royal Academy and first exhibited there in 1783. His early works were in the pure mezzotint manner, but he later adopted the hybrid style popularized by Francesco Bartolozzi. Among his outstanding works are Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse, Cymon and Iphigenia, and Infant Academy.

Full publication information: Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Engraved by Francis Haward. London, Publish’d Nov’r 12; 1781; by Fra’s Haward, Lambeth Marth near the Turnpike.

Condition:  Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, handling.


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