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Portrait Art, King Charles X of France, Simon Miger, Antique Print, c. 1780s


Simon Charles Miger (1736-1820) (after)
Charles aux Thuilleries
S.C. Miger, Paris: c. 1780s
Black-and-white copperplate engraving
11.75 x 9 inches, sheet
9.25 x 6.75 inches, image

Pro-royalist profile portrait of Charles X (1757-1836), King of France from 1824-30. He was the brother of King Louis XVI and of King Louis XVIII, whom he succeeded. The portrait is set within an engraved oval frame hanging in the sky, with an eagle in the foreground and a banner beside him, the inscription on which, translated into English, reads, “Charles in the Tuilleries, 1st December 1783. Until then without equal, the monarch of ‘Aira’ followed his rival.”

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Charles X was a reactionary, pro-royalist force in French politics during and after the French Revolution in 1789. He left France at the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 and stayed in England until the Bourbon restoration in 1814 and headed the ultraroyalist opposition during the reign of his brother Louis XVIII, becoming king in 1820. Charles proceeded to attempt to reestablish elements of the ancien régime, as the pre-revolutionary order is called. However, the bourgeoisie and the liberal press joined in attacking his chief minister and cabinet, who all resigned in 1827. The chief minister was replaced by a moderate, but within two years Charles replaced him with an uncompromising reactionary, whose draconian moves to limit freedoms resulted in the July Revolution. Charles abdicated in favor of his grandson in 1830 and embarked for England. The Duc d’Orléans, whom Charles had appointed lieutenant general of France, succeeded him as King Louis Philippe.

Simon Charles Miger was a French printmaker and publisher. He engraved numerous portraits of French royalty, which are in the collections of museums such as the National Gallery of Art, Washington. He also engraved and published books on a variety of subjects, including natural history and philosophical writings by Voltaire and others.

Legend on banner: “Charles aux Thuilleries le 1r Decembre M.DCCLXXXIII.”

Inscription, upper center: “jusqu’alors sans égal Le Monarque des Aira y suivit son Rival.”

Inscription lower left: “Miger Graveur du Roi.”

Inscription lower right: “A Paris chez Miger la grande Maison neuve Place de l’Estrapade.”

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light toning, wear, soiling, soft creases.


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