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Plaque, House Facade, Whimsical Unusual Artwork, 2nd Half 20th Century


Vider’ Oculis, Sumere Mens, Intelligeranima!
2nd Half 20th Century
Wooden plaque and mixed media
22.5 x 14.5 inches

An unusual, inventive and whimsical artwork relief plaque in the form of a house façade. It is executed with raised architectural details including a roof with chimneys, windows, stairs leading to a door, etc. Three faces variously peer out some of the windows. Under the house is a saying partly in Latin: “‘Vider’ Oculis, Sumere Mens, Intelligeranima!” To our knowledge, there is no such popularly known Latin saying and intelligeranima is not a real word though it has components of other words. The saying might mean “See with your eye, Use your mind, Understand your inner-self.” Nonetheless, it is subject to numerous interpretations.

Condition:  Generally very good with light surface wear, particularly to varnish.