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Yachting Art, Outing Magazine, Henry Sumner Watson, Antique Print, 1895


Henry Sumner Watson (1868-1933) (artist)
Kurtz (photographer)
July Outing 1895
Poster for Outing Magazine, New York: July, 1895
Black and white print
21 x 14 inches, overall

A photographic image of a large sailboat is superimposed on a highly stylized Art Nouveau illustration of a man and woman arm and arm beneath a parasol. This graphic technique is characteristic of its designer, Henry Sumner Watson, who fashioned approximately forty posters for magazines from 1895 to 1897.

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Henry (Hy) Sumner Watson was an illustrator based in New York, known for his outdoor sporting and hunting scenes, although he depicted city streets and well-dressed urbanites as well. He drew illustrations for Scribner’s magazine in the early 1900s and also published a series of posters for Recreation magazine in 1896, which we also have in stock — view them here.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning and wear. Some scattered chipping, short tears, and wear to edges, can be matted out. Light horizontal central crease, possibly where once folded.


“Henry (Hy) Sumner Watson.” (25 June 2002).

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