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Old Masters, Neoclassical, Classical Statues, Mythological, Greek and Roman, Campiglia, Florence, c. 1734


Antonio Francesco Gori (editor)
Giovanni Domenico Campiglia (1692-1768) (after)
Michael Sorello, Cosmus Mogalli, Gir’mo Frerra, Marcus Pitteri, Gabbuggiani, et al. (engravers)
Classical Statues
from Museum Florentinum: Statue Antiquae Deorum et Vivorum Illustrium Centum Aereis Tabulis [Florentine Museum: Antique Statues of Divinities and the Illustrious in 100 Copperplate Engravings]
Florence: c. 1734
Black-and-white etchings
20 x 14 inches each, overall
14 x 9 inches, average platemark
$375 each

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A splendid collection of female and male classical statues of mythological and allegorical figures from a series of plates of statuary from the museums of Florence, Italy. They were drawn by Giovanni Campiglia and etched after his designs by various artists. The collection includes Greek gods such as Apollo, Bacchus and Venus, as well as Urania, the muse of astronomy, and Victoria, an allegorical figure representing victory of the city of Rome.

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Museum Florentinum was published by Antonio Francesco Gori and others between 1731 and 1766, in a total of 12 folio volumes. In addition to a volume on statuary, the series included plates on coins, gems and other museum treasures.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning, wear, handling.

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