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Natural History Art, Rhinoceroses and Egrets, David Parry, Vintage Watercolor


David Parry (b. 1942)
Rhinoceroses and Egrets
British: Last Quarter, 20th Century
Signed lower right
Watercolor and gouache on illustration board
18 x 21 inches, overall

A mother rhinoceros stands at the edge of a watering hole in the midst of grasslands while her calf cools off in the mud. Rhinoceros egrets stand in the foreground, and smaller birds (probably oxpeckers) perch on the mother’s back and beneath her head. The rhinoceros egret is a terrestrial heron frequently accompanying herds of grazing animals as indicated by its other common names, which include cattle egret, elephant bird, and hippopotamus egret. They often perch on the backs of the larger animals to find insects that have been disturbed by the movements of the grazers.

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David Parry is a British wildlife artist working in watercolor and gouache. Parry works in a meticulous realist style, with particular attention to the bird or animal’s relationship to its habitat and to its interaction with other animals, either of its own species or other species. He is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

Condition: Generally very good with only light toning and wear. Faint matburn in far outer margin can be rematted out when reframed.


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