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Natural History Art, Reptiles, Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period, Vienna, 1955 (Sold)

Fritz Zerritsch, the Younger (1888-1981)
Dr. Erich Thenius (text)
Jura II: Malm — Landschaft
[Jurassic II: Malm — Landscape]

From Die Geschichte des Lebens auf der Erde
[History of Life on Earth]

Hofmanndruck, Vienna: c. 1955
Printed signature in the matrix
Color process poster, on wooden rollers
27 x 39 inches

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Educational poster of dinosaurs showing the landscape around the Malm aquifer of Lower Bavaria and Upper Austria during the Upper Jurassic period. The composition is dominated by a stegosaurus in the center, with a ceratosaurus, pterodactyl, and a pair of archaeopteryxes in the background. Small inset illustrations in the lower margin include a numbered key to the animals and plants depicted and various fossils.

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Fritz Zerritsch was an Austrian painter and graphic artist who spent his life in Vienna. As a painter he favored landscapes and animal subjects, such as horses, birds and game animals. He was the son of Fritz Zerritsch the Elder, a sculptor and graphic artist, and studied at the Academy of Vienna. Zerritsch had his first solo show in Vienna in 1911 and subsequently exhibited throughout Europe. Beginning in 1938, he taught at the Vienna School of Graphic Arts. His wide-ranging output also included designs for stamps and banknotes, including the 1,000 schilling banknote in 1938, as well as posters, tapestries, mosaics and frescos. Zerritsch’s artwork is in the Osterreichische Galerie, the Albertina, and other museum collections.

Zerritsch did the artwork for a color poster series called Die Geschichte des Lebens auf der Erde [History of Life on Earth] in 1955 and another on Geologie von Niederösterreich [Geology of Lower Austria] in 1962. The offered poster is from the 1955 series.


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