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Military, Model, Coastal Defense Gun, Marklin, Vintage Toy, Germany, c. 1931


Coastal Defense Gun (Küstengeschütz)
Model 8049/4
Märklin Metallbaukasten, Germany: c. 1931
Painted metal, brass, geared mechanism
8.75 inches high, 9 inc diameter platter

A Märklin toy model coastal defense anti-aircraft gun. Of typical form, the gun set on a platform with handrail fencing, accessible by two sets of ladder-like steps. The gun raises and lowers by turning the handle of a geared brass mechanism. The platform rotates 360 degrees on small wheels in a track in the round base by another similar mechanism.

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Märklin made many models of military guns. The offered example is a coastal defense gun which was issued in the 20th century in various styles differing slightly in form, size, paint, etc. This particular example appears very similar (if not identical) to the Küstengeschütz advertised as Model 8049/2 and 8049/4. A 1931 Märklin catalog entry reproduced on the website of the Brighton Toy and Model Museum describes these models in German; we have also provided an English translation below (see References for link to their image):

[Coastal Defense Gun

Coastal gun double loader, with unscrewable barrel for double loading, solid tube, burnished, rotatable by hand wheel on base, height direction adjustable by hand wheel, cocking lever, walkway, stairs, rotating crane with hand winch

8049/2: base diameter 15 cm, length 20 cm, with 10 Grenades 8161/6

8049/4: base diameter 23 cm, length 26 cm, with 10 grenades 8161/6, two-part cartridge

Each with 1 box of firing blades, wiper stick and cap cleaner.]


Doppellader, mit abschraubbarem Lauf für doppelte Ladung, Rohr massiv, brüniert, durch Handrad auf Sockel drehbar, Höhenrichtung durch Handrad verstellbar, Spannhebel, Laufgang, Treppen, drehbarer Kran mit Handwinde

8049/2: Sockeldurchmesser 15 cm, Länge 20 cm, mit 10 Granaten 8161/6 8049/4: Sockeldurchmesser 23 cm, Länge 26 cm, mit 10 Granaten 8161/6, zweiteilige Patrone

Je mit 1 Schachtel Zündblättchen, Wischstock und Verschlßreiniger.

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum notes that Märklin produced a wide range of gun models capable of firing small rubber projectiles. According to the museum: “The flagship model in the range was the monster Coastal Defenses Gun 8049/4, 26 cm long, which included a rotating platform with handrails on wheels operated by a handle, two sets of steps, a rear-mounted crane presumably for lifting ammunition, and an overall engineered ‘look’ that seemed more appropriate to an observatory’s astronomical telescope.” The museum also notes that in general Märklin’s toys guns were more than static models, instead having “multiple levels of play value,” in that the elevation and direction of the guns could be adjusted and that they could fire little rubber shells.

The Marklin toy manufacturing company was founded by Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin (1817-1866), a master tinsmith, who began production in 1859 in Göppingen in the South German state, Kingdom of Württemberg. By the turn of the century, his sons were producing popular clockwork locomotive toys under the Marklin company name. The company continued to produce fine toys during the early 20th century until World War II, with some postwar production continuing up to about 1999.

Condition: Generally very good, in working order, with the usual overall wear and abrasions to paint. Quite likely originally issued with a crane in the back, wire handrails for the ladders, and rubber projectiles, now lacking, as is often the case.


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