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Maritime, Sign, Quarterboard, Lady Diane, Painted Wood, 20th Century


Lady Diane
Boat Name Sign
American: Early to Mid 20th Century
Rectangular wood sign with routed letters
7 x 48 x .75 inches

Name sign for a boat or yacht stern reading “Seven Seas.” It is rectangular, painted black, with slightly raised letters painted white.  Boats were frequently were given a feminine name after a woman or “lady.”

Maritime signs such as these are generally and variously referred to as name board, sign board, quarterboard, sternboard, and/or transom board. They were generally applied to the stern (the back or aft-most part of a ship or boat). They would identify the ship at sea, or if wrecked when washed up ashore. Frequently the ship captain would save the name board when he retired, or they were salvaged when the board was replaced or the ship was scrapped, and then used as decoration and a souvenir in the home. They are now popular decoration for beach houses, libraries, man caves, etc.

Condition: Generally very good, a bit weathered overall with the usual expected toning and wear for a sign used on a boat exterior.


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