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Edmund Lang (creator/compiler)
Yacht Square-Rigger Race Scrapbook
American: c. 1920s to 1930s
Various mounted photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera
11.5 x 15.5 inches, overall

Scrapbook collection of yachting photographs and memorabilia from the collection of Edmund Lang, chairman of the Race Committee of the New York Yacht Club during the 1930s. The cover is embossed in gold with the title “Photographs,” with a paper label pasted in the center with the hand-printed inscription “’Seven Seas’/ 1927-8/ WS Gublemann (sic)/ Owner/ Ketch Sylvia/ Alan Butler/ Owner/ 1928-9.”

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Square Riggers Seven Seas and Joseph Conrad

The scrapbook is primarily devoted to two square-rigger ships – Seven Seas, owned by William S. Gubelmann, and Joseph Conrad, owned by G. Hunting Hartford, II. These boats raced between Newport, Rhode Island, and Bermuda, on and off from 1937 to 1938.

Lang apparently was friendly with the Gubelmann family and was on the Seven Seas for some parts of some of the races, together with various crew members, yachtsmen, and socialites. The collection includes several professional 8 x 10 inch black-and-white photographs of the Seven Seas and of the Joseph Conrad, as well as various smaller ones. In addition, there are large numbers of related snapshot photographs, various menus, and other memorabilia. Numerous newspaper clipping explain the extremely complicated and sometimes contentious race history from Newport to Bermuda, and a return race.

Other Scrapbook Contents

The scrapbook also contains other yachting images, apparently unrelated to the square-rigger race. For example, there are black-and-white photographs, c. 1928-29 of the ketch Silvia. That boat was owned by Alan Butler was Chairman of de Havilland Aircraft and an avid boater. In addition, a June 26, 1938 clipping from the New York Times includes a bird’s eye view of twenty two Class A yachts at the start of a race to Bermuda from Newport. The original 8 x 10 photograph on matte paper that was used as the image for this news photo accompanies the clipping.

Condition: Sold as is as a collection of photographs and memorabilia. Contents generally fair, good, very good, or better with usual light overall toning, wear, handling. Some photographs with creases. Newspaper articles yellowed and somewhat brittle as expected. Some articles or photographs loose or missing, noting some blank scrap book pages and some empty spaces formerly occupied by photographs (prior to our acquisition of the album). Photographs generally held in with photograph corners (some of which are loose or missing) and can be removed without damage to them, though some photographs might retain corner adhesives. Newspaper articles and memorabilia generally held in by adhesive (not removable) or cellotape.  Some scrap book pages slightly loose, some with worn or dog-eared corners. Covers good, a bit worn with some creases, toning, and handling.  Additional research is merited into this large and varied unique collection.

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