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Map, New York City, Brooklyn, Pocket Map, J.B. Beers, Antique Print, 1878


Map of Kings County Including the City of Brooklyn from Official Records and Surveys
J.B. Beers & Company, New York: 1879 (copyright 1875)
Hand-colored engraving
Folds into gilt embossed titled cloth covers, as issued
27.75 x 41.25 inches, map
6 x 4 inches, covers

Pocket map for visitors to Brooklyn, New York, of typical format. Ward boundaries established in 1867 are numbered. Major streets are highlighted in pink, major parks and cemeteries are indicated in green. A small portion of what are now the Ridgewood and Glendale neighborhoods of Queens are shown, labeled “Newtown.” The map cover is dated 1879, although the map itself is dated 1878 with a copyright of 1875.

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Members of the Beers family made a major contribution to 19th century American cartography. J.B. Beers & Company was founded in 1870 by James Botsford Beers (b. 1811) and his son, Frederick W. Beers. Another son, John Clark Beers, and his son James Lemuel Beers, also joined in the business. The Beers family members sometimes worked individually, and other times in collaboration with each other and/or with other surveyors and publishers. Between 1864 and 1885, the Beers family and collaborators produced more than 125 atlases, mostly of counties, in 10 states, including Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Michigan, as well as city atlases, separately issued maps, and county histories. Frederick W. Beers lived in Brooklyn, where he was also employed as head of the map division in the Brooklyn Office of Public Records for 35 years. His long career continued until his retirement at the age of 90.

Full publication information: Published by J.B. Beers & Co., 36 Vesey St., New York.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, soft creases. Folds as issued, now professionally re-backed on Japanese paper to reinforce weakness at folds and intersections. Covers very good with light wear.


Ristow, Walter W. American Maps and Mapmakers: Commercial Cartography in the Nineteenth Century. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1985. pp. 406-409.

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