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Map, Massachusetts, Wellesley College, Pictorial, Rosalind Howe Sturges, 1943 (Sold)

Rosalind Howe Sturges (1907-1999) (after)
Winthrop Printing and Offset Co. (lithographer)
Wellesley College founded by Henry Fowle Durant and Pauline A. Durant
Hathaway House, Wellesley, Massachusetts: 1943
Offset lithograph with hand-coloring
21 x 27.5 inches, image
23 x 29.25 inches, overall

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Bird’s-eye view pictorial map of the Wellesley College campus in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Campus buildings are shown in aerial perspective views with trees, wooded areas and a portion of Lake Waban adjoining the campus, as well as small figures going about activities on campus. The detailed border incorporates the words of the college’s Alma Mater, areas of study with small symbols, and illustrations of campus life and buildings and of important people in the school’s history. A small inset drawing upper left shows nine buildings with a lettered key. The cartouche is in the shape of a pediment decorated with the college seal and the year of Wellesley’s founding, 1875, and containing the title and a Latin inscription taken from the first line of Psalm 127, “Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum, in vanum laboraverunt qui aedificant eum“: “Unless God builds the house, its builders work in vain.”

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Rosalind Howe Sturges [Allen] was an artist and architectural cartographer known for her illustrated pictorial maps that place historic buildings in a geographic context. Born Rosalind Howe, she was the daughter of an antiques dealer and an architect, and became interested in historic architecture at a young age. Sturges (her married name, which she used professionally for most of her life) made her first pictorial map of Vassar College the year she graduated, in 1928. Most of her pictorial maps were commissions and depicted locations in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region, including Annapolis, Maryland; Bristol and Providence, Rhode Island; Chestnut Hill, Fairmount Park, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Blackstone Valley, Deerfield, Groton, Hingham, Princeton, and Worcester, Massachusetts; and the campuses of Wellesley College (1943) and Vassar College (1928). Among her major bird’s-eye view maps is her wall map Philadelphia (1971) “whose architecture reflects three centuries of cultural amity,” published by Girard Bank. Perhaps her best-known map was New England’s Architectural Heritage, 1636-1886 for Yankee magazine’s special U.S. Bicentennial issue in 1976. Widowed in 1975, Howe married her second husband Dana Allen in 1983. Today Vassar College houses her papers, including the preparatory drawings, photographs and research materials for her maps.

Inscriptions: Copyright 1943 by R.H. Sturges, and published by Hathaway House, Wellesley, Mass. Litho in U.S.A. by Winthrop Printing and Offset Co., Inc., Boston, Mass.


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