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Map, Massachusetts, Nantucket, Pictorial, Ruth Haviland Sutton, Vintage Print


Ruth Haviland Sutton (1898-1960) (after)
George C. Miller & Son, Inc., New York: 1946 (third printing 1980)
Color process print
22 x 31 inches, printed border
23 x 32 inches, overall

Colorful, pictorial nautical themed map of Nantucket with illustrations of local flora, fauna, boats, lighthouses, important buildings, and the Nantucket Central Railroad. It features an inset map of the Nantucket Town showing street names and buildings. The pictorial border comprises pictures of literary and historical events, lists of businesses and hotels, a key to the town, and historical timeline. The title is displayed as a banner supported by a spread eagle in the upper center of the map and an illustration of the carved sternboard of the ship Eunice H. Adams in 1866 is in the lower center. Traditional ships and their figureheads decorate the corners. Further along the maritime theme, the outer border is in the form of nautical rope. Sutton’s Nantucket is the most popular pictorial map of Nantucket printed in the 20th Century. This example is the 1980 third printing of the map; it was originally issued in 1946 and reissued in 1964.

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Ruth Haviland Sutton was a portraitist, painter, lithographer, block printer and teacher of art who spent the bulk of her career in her native Massachusetts. She was born in Nantucket, a descendant of the Haviland china manufacturing family. Sutton studied at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art, Grand Central Artists School, the Arts Student League and with J. Farnsworth and Henry B. Snell. She was a member of several artists organizations including the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, the Nantucket Art Association, the Springfield (Massachusetts) Artists Guild, the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts and the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA). She exhibited regularly with many of these groups from the mid 1920s to the mid 1940s, winning numerous prizes. In 1955, she moved back to Nantucket. Her works are in the collections of the Library of Congress, the Springfield Museum of Art, the public libraries of Boston and New York City, and other institutional collections.

Illustrated pictorial maps were popular souvenirs from the 1920s to 1960s. See our online exhibition About Pictorial Maps.

Publication information under compass rose:  Planned and drawn by Ruth Haviland Sutton 1946. Lithographed by George C. Miller.

Condition: Generally very good with only minor overall toning and wear.


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