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Map, Connecticut, New Haven, Pictorial, Yale University, Vintage Print, 1928


Carina Eaglesfield Mortimer Milligan (b. 1890) (after)
New Haven
Edward P. Judd Co., New Haven, Connecticut: 1928
American Lithographic Co., New York (printer)
Color-process print
28 x 36 inches, overall

Colorful, large pictorial map of New Haven, Connecticut, showing streets, parks, waterways, and major buildings, with historical notes on red and yellow banners. Along the left and right borders are illustrations of important historical events or milestones in New Haven history, and a map of the center of the city in 1748. Many of the illustrations along the left side relate to the Yale University campus. There is an inset map of the oldest portion of the campus and the New Haven Green below the University seal and a numbered key to Yale buildings to the right of the title. n On the right side is “Pres. Stiles Map of British Attack” and a numbered key to other “Points of Interest” highlighted in the map. The illustrations are done in a simple black outline with flat areas of color, and there are some playful touches such as sea monsters in the rivers, a compass rose surmounted by a winged hourglass, and the map title flanked by the New Haven landmarks East Rock and West Rock.

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Carina Eaglesfield Mortimer (also known as Carina Eaglesfield Milligan) was an architect from Connecticut at a time when there were few females in the profession. She joined the American Institute of Architects in 1930.

Full publication information: “Published by The Edward P. Judd Co., New Haven, Conn. Copyrighted 1928. Drawn by Carina Eaglesfield Mortimer — Architect.”

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning and wear. Professionally backed on Japanese paper to flatten original folds.


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