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Globes in Art, American, Novelty, Philco Globe Form Television, Original Drawing Design, 1956 (Reserved)

C. Speyer Winkler
10″ T.V. Inside Globe
[Terrestrial Globe Form Television]
American: 1956
Titled in pencil lower left
Signed and dated lower right: “5-15-56 C S. Winkler”
Pencil and colored pencil on drafting paper
Provenance: Estate of C. Speyer Winkler

Concept design drawing of a Predicta series globe-shaped television case on a simple pedestal by a C. Speyer Winkler, a designer for the Philco Corporation Design Department in the 1950s. According to the title of the work by the artist it is for a 10-inch television. The terrestrial globe is comprised of brightly colored continents, some with shaded countries on a blue background simulating oceans. The globe has latitude and longitude lines, but otherwise geography is simple with no place names or other lines. An opening in the case in part of the northern hemisphere reveals the television screen inside along with retractable rabbit-ear antennae and control knobs. A knob on the right side of the case suggests that the globe is retractable where the opening is and could be closed to complete the globe when the television was not in use; this aspect is not made clear by the design which was likely only in early concept development. The designer showed foresight in this design incorporating modernist 1950s “space age” elements in the globe and stand. Nonetheless, our research has not revealed any such televisions that were actually produced by Philco or otherwise in this period.

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The Philco Corporation was founded as Helios Electric Co. in 1892. At the beginning of the postwar television boom, from 1948-1955, Philco became a popular manufacturer offering a wide selection of sizes and designs, many modernist in style.  Due to reliability issues and a failure to transition to color picture tube production, Philco went bankrupt in 1962 and its assets were absorbed into the Ford Motor Company.

C. Speyer Winkler produced at least 110 concept drawings for the cases of televisions, including cabinets and rolling carts, for the Philco Corporation between 1953 to 1960. After the Soviet launch of Sputnik in 1957, the first satellite, the emphasis in industrial design generally shifted to a “space age” look. Winkler’s numerous designs for Philco followed this trend; they were often in a streamlined, modernist style of the period, though he also designed more traditional television cabinets in that period as well.  A comparison between his concept drawings reveals that some of them made it to production, at least in a modified form.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light overall toning, handling, and wear.


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