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Globe, Sundial, Armillary, Elaborate Zodiac Signs, Turler Uhren, Zurich, 20th Century


Garden Armillary Sundial
Türler Uhren, Zurich: 2nd Half 20th C.
Metal alloy
34 inches high, 23 inches diameter

A large and impressive metal garden armillary sundial with a central eight-pointed star (representing the sun) on a rod, within a series of meridians and concentric rings representing terrestrial and celestial circles. It rests on a shaped a base with four scrolled legs. The pierced zodiac band is embellished with a series of small brass colored emblems of the signs of the zodiac in circular mounts. A brass-plated strip with curved ends is calibrated with numbers — a shadow is cast on this by the sun rod to indicate the time of day. The strip is also decorated with small engraved illustration of zodiac signs and engraved “Türler Uhren Zurich.” It was presumably manufactured and sold by Türler Uhren & Juwelena, Swiss watch and jewelry firm based in Zurich, in its stores. As such, it is of much high quality than typical outdoor armillary sundials. It would display nicely indoors as well.

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Türler Uhren was founded in 1883 as a manufacturer of watches and clocks. The company is still run by fourth- and fifth-generation members of the Türler family. In addition to making fine watches under its own name, they sell watches and jewelry in Türler stores in Zurich. Although the firm’s primary business is watches and jewelry, occasionally the company has produced other timepiece-related items. In 1970, Türler exhibited a futuristic-looking fiberglass sundial at the World Exposition in Osaka, Japan. In 1995, CEO Franz Türler unveiled the Türler Watch Model of the Cosmos, billed as “the most complex astronomical and astrological clock in the world,” on permanent display in Türler’s flagship store in Zurich.

Condition:  Generally very good overall, with a bit of outdoor aged fading and wear.


“Das Familienunternehmen Türler – Unsere Geschichte.” Turler Uhren & Juwelen. 2016. (16 May 2016).

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Maker Location

Globe Type

Armillary, Sundial


Brass, Verdigris iron


20th Century