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Globe, Specialty, Hebrew, Terrestrial Physical Table Globe, George Philip, London, 1952 (Reserved)

George Philip & Son
13-Inch Hebrew Terrestrial Globe
London and Tel Aviv: 1952
Black wood stand
16 inches high

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Terrestrial globe, with place names and other identifications in Hebrew. It was issued in Israel in 1952 — four years after the nation was founded. The globe is canted at 23 degrees in a brass calibrated half meridian, raised on a stepped black rectangular bakelite base in the Art Deco taste. Geography shows national boundaries in red, with countries and major cities labeled. This is a physical globe in that detailed geographic information typically found on globes is omitted which leaves room for a complex shading scheme that shows the relative elevations of landmasses and ocean depths according to a key within the cartouche. Land elevations are colored in gradated tints from green for sea level through yellow and red for elevated locations, and in gradated tints from pale to deep blue to indicate ocean depths. Dashed blue lines, solid black lines, and dashed red lines correspond respectively to ship routes, railroads, and airplane routes. The globe shows the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa. It is labeled entirely in Hebrew except for a credit line beneath the cartouche in English. The Hebrew legend in the cartouche states that the globe was made in Tel Aviv, though the English cartouche states that the globe was produced by George Philip, a prolific globe maker in London. Indeed, the half meridian and base are typical designs for other extant Philip globes published in English. Presumably, then, the globe was made in London for export and sale in Israel. This globe is apparently quite rare; we were unable to locate any other examples.

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George Philip & Son began as a map and atlas publisher in Liverpool, England in 1834. In 1902, the firm relocated to London and emerged as one of the major globe producers of the 20th century. Read more on our Guide to Globe Makers.

Oval cartouche roughly translated from Hebrew: GLOBE/ Edited by/ Dr. Yitzhak Shtenner [or could be Stenner]/ Issued by Geographical Institute George Philip, London. Made in Tel Aviv 5712 [the Hebrew calendar year corresponding to 1952]

Beneath cartouche in English: Printed & Manufactured in Great Britain by George Philip & Son, Ltd. London. Copyright.

Translation of keys inside cartouche from Hebrew to English:

Shipping Routes (blue dashed line)
Railroads (black line)
Airplane Routes (red dashed line)

6000 Meters Above [Sea Level]
8000 Meters Below [Sea Level]

Scale 1:37,500,000

Diameter, centimeters 33.3

Condition: Generally very good, with usual overall light toning, wear, handling.

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