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Globe, Specialty, Philips’ Pictorial 10-Inch Terrestrial, Bakelite Base, London: c. 1950 (Reserved)

This globe is currently on reserve among numerous extremely fine and rare American globes to be sold as a single collection. In the meanwhile, it has been placed here in our Globe Guide section as a service for researchers and collectors.

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George Philip & Son
Philips’ Pictorial Globe
London: c. 1950
Stepped black Bakelite base
10 inches diameter, 12 inches high

The pictorial terrestrial globe is surmounted by an hour circle, mounted within a calibrated chromed half meridian, and raised on a square stepped black Bakelite base in the Art Deco style. The globe is decorated with numerous pictorial illustrations showing historic sites, industries, cultures, native peoples, flora and fauna. This is the only pictorial globe ever commercially produced in a comprehensive format in the tradition of pictorial maps of which we are aware.

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Intended for young students, the globe features simple cartography. Oceans are blue-green, continents and illustrations are in shades of buff, yellow, and green Lakes and major rivers indicated in blue-green, and mountain ranges drawn pictorially.  The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circles, and the Equator are delineated by rows of dots. The oceans are decorated with pictures of airplanes, ships, and marine creatures. The continents are packed with detailed line drawings of animals, trees, historic buildings, and depictions of the work of various industries, and agriculture around the world. Examples of these illustrations include Niagara Falls, an Aztec pyramid in Mexico, pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt, and skyscrapers in New York City. Industrial activities and products are labeled within ribbons, as are major cities. There is an additional decorative illustration in the Pacific Ocean with an illustration of Neptune surrounded by four winged cherubs representing the four winds, surmounted by a sun. A rectangular legend explains the International Date Line, which is drawn as a dashed yellow line. There is a mileage scale beneath the cartouche.

George Philip & Son began as a map and atlas publisher in Liverpool, England in 1834. In 1902, the firm relocated to London and emerged as one of the major globe producers of the 20th century. Read more on our Guide to Globe Makers.

Cartouche: Philips’/ Pictorial/ Globe/ Copyright, made and printed in Gt. Britain/ by George Philip & Son Ltd. London.

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