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Globe, Miniature, Terrestrial, Metal Stand, Antique, MPS, Bauer, Nuremberg, Mid 19th Century (Sold)

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2.5-Inch Terrestrial Globe
MPS, by Bauer Family, Nuremberg: Mid 19th Century
Brass and other metals stand
4 inches high; 2 inches diameter, base

A miniature terrestrial globe with a simple, uncalibrated flat band half meridian, raised on an associated — but vintage — handmade metal stand with a round base, and connected to the stand by polar axis pins. The cartography is simple, with a few regions, rivers, countries, and major cities labeled on each continent, but without indication of national borders. Australia is called New Holland and Tasmania (V. Diemans L.) is drawn as an island. The Antarctic is called “Southern Ocean” with scattered known coastal areas included. The tracks of Captain Cook’s voyage are indicated with a dotted line labeled “Cook’s journey around the earth.” The continents are colored tan and outlined in brown, green or yellow. The oceans are bluish green with engraved hatch marks around the continents and ocean currents indicated with light colored lines. The equator and ecliptic are both graduated in degrees.

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MPS was a trademark applied to globes manufactured in Nuremberg, most likely by the Bauer family of globe makers. Read more about Bauer and MPS in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Circular cartouche: M/PS.

Provenance: A circular label attached to bottom of base has a hand-lettered pencil inscription: “Given to Marie Bryant by Eloise Brown. She said it belonged to her Uncle John Joseph who was born in the 1860’s Provincetown Mass.”


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