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Globe, Japanese, Sukagawa, Terrestrial World, 3-inch Table Globe, Pedestal Wood Stand, Tokyo, c. 1920 (Sold)

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Y. Sukagawa
3-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
Tokyo, Japan: c. 1914-24
Turned wooden base with original cardboard box
6.25 inches high, 2.75 inches diameter, base
3.25 x 3.25 x 6.25 inches, box

The terrestrial globe in calibrated gilt metal half meridian, raised on a wooden stand with turned central standard and round base. Oceans green, geographic entities in a variety of colors, place names in English. In original pink cardboard box. St. Petersburg, Russia, is shown as Petrograd, indicating a date of production of 1914-1924, though possibly issued shortly thereafter without a proper change in cartography. The globe was probably intended for the American market to be used by students.

Cartography is simple, with continents, some large countries and cities, and major rivers labeled. What appear to be major rail routes are shown with heavy lines rendered as alternative black and white rectangles; sea routes by broken lines in the ocean, and overland trade routes by dotted lines. Deserts are outlined with dotted shading. Oceans are green, countries are shaded yellow, orange, red, and green with darker colored outlines. The equator is graduated and numbered, the equinoctial colure and ecliptic are also graduated.

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Rectangular Cartouche: Y. SUKAGAWA/ TOKYO/ MADE IN JAPAN

Box labeled “Globe” and stamped 33/1 and MADE IN JAPAN

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