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Globe, English, Geographia, Terrestrial World, 10-Inch Table Globe, Atlas Stand, Antique, London, 1920s (Sold)

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Geographia, Ltd.
10-Inch Terrestrial Globe on Atlas Figural Base
London: c. 1920s
21 inches high

The terrestrial globe with brass hour circles at both poles, canted at an angle in brass calibrated half meridian, raised on a bronzed metal figural base of atlas kneeling, ending in round classical plinth.

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Leningrad indicated. Oceans green toned. Geographical entities shaded and outlined in various colors, including purple, green, orange, yellow, and with British Commonwealth in red. Anglo Egyptian Sudan in multi-color diagonal stripes. Major railroads indicated by red line.

The cartography, style, and cartouche of Geographia globe gores are very similar to those produced by George Philip, Ltd., of London, one of the two major globe makers in Great Britain in the early 20th Century. Accordingly, it may be reasonably presumed that Philip produced these globe gores for Geographia, Ltd. This atlas-form stand was most likely provided by Geographia, and another model of atlas-form stand was also produced by Geographia in the same period. For more information on George Philip, please see our Guide to Globe Makers.

Oval Cartouche: “GEOGRAPHIA”/ 10 INCH/ TERRESTRIAL GLOBE/ Railways/ Steam route distances in Sea miles/ Commonwealth of Nations Red/ Heights in English Feet/ GEOGRAPHIA LTD 167 FLEET STR. LONDON. E.C. 4/ COPYRIGHT

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