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Globe, British, George Philip, Terrestrial World, 30-Inch Floor Globe, Art Deco Brass, London, c. 1940s


George Philip & Son/ Rand McNally
Philips’ 30-Inch Terrestrial Globe
London / Chicago: c. 1940s
Brass and wood stand
47 inches high; 41 inches diameter overall including horizon band

This fine large terrestrial globe on a rare, possibly unique, modernist Art Deco brass stand makes a major statement in a library, entrance hall, or executive office.

The  terrestrial globe rotates in a calibrated full brass meridian. The modernist brass stand with domed base and four rectangular posts supports a wood horizon band. Oceans are colored blue-green (faded blue), geographic entities are in various shades of yellow, green, and orange. There is a figure-eight analemma over the Pacific Ocean. The globe was made by the British firm of George Philip & Son, but has an overlabel with the name of the Chicago firm Rand McNally, which imported Philip globes in addition to producing its own. The cartography features shipping routes with distances in nautical miles and principal railways with distances in statute miles. In other Philip globes, a key to the shipping and rail routes appears as part of the cartouche, but here it may have been covered by the Rand McNally overlabel.

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The ecliptic, the equator and the Greenwich meridian are all shown. The globe labels Istanbul with Constantinople in parentheses, indicating a date after 1930. Antarctica includes an area labeled Norwegian Dependency, with dates to the globe to after 1939. India and Balochistan are shown, prior to partition into India and Pakistan in 1947. In the Middle East, Palestine and Trans-Jordan, both with “Br. Mand.” in parentheses, date the globe to prior to the end of the British Mandate in 1948, when those countries became Israel and Jordan. These place names imply that this globe was produced during the 1940s.

George Philip & Son began as a map and atlas publisher in Liverpool, England in 1834. In 1902, the firm relocated to London and emerged as one of the major globe producers of the 20th century. Read more on our Guide to Globe Makers. Philip produced 30-inch globes in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century, in London, as well as different models imported by Rand McNally, Chicago, Illinois.

Oval cartouche overlabel: PHILIPS’/ Thirty Inch Globe/ Scale 1: 17,000,000/ RAND MCNALLY & COMPANY/ SAN FRANCISCO CHICAGO NEW YORK/ Printed in Great Britain

Condition:  Globe generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear and handling. Some irregularity to varnish, and a few minor scratches and abrasions, light craqueleure to paper, all professionally restored. Globe has metal core. Horizon very good, polished wood with no calendar or zodiac paper, very likely as issued. Stand very good with the usual light wear  Overall the globe is in quite attractive and the printed map paper still colorful, clear, clean and easily legible.  Please note that white patches seen in pictures and scattered slight orange toning are reflections from lighting and walls, not actually present on the globe.

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