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Globe, American, Rand McNally Terrestrial World, 18-Inch Floor Globe, Jacobean Mahogany Stand, Antique, Chicago, c. 1920s (Sold)

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Rand McNally & Company
18-Inch Terrestrial Floor Globe
Chicago: c. 1924
Mahogany Jacobean style stand
39.5 inches high
22 inches diameter, overall

The terrestrial globe has brass hour circles at the north and south poles and a calibrated brass meridian. The patented angled revolving horizon is raised on four quadrants, on a mahogany stand in the Jacobean taste, with central turned and fluted baluster standard on four shaped cruciform legs ending in scrolled feet.

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Land masses with detailed cartography, colored in shades of yellow, pink, orange, purple, etc., all faded. Oceans colored blue, also faded. Mean isothermal lines for January and July colored respectively blue and red. Submarine telegraph cables indicated by hatched line, International Date Line in red. The unusual angled horizon band, with engraved calibrations and topographical chart (showing mountain ranges and sea troughs), has the patent date June 17, 1924. Petrograd (1914-24) is shown indicating cartography dating to 1914 to 1924, though the horizon patent date of 1924 indicates that the globe was likely produced in 1924 (or perhaps slightly later, before the name of Petrograd was changed on the globe to Leningrad).

Rand McNally was a major American globe manufacturer. Read more about the firm in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Oval Cartouche: RAND, MCNALLY & COMPANY/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ [below cartouche:] Copyright by Rand McNally & Company, Chicago/ Made in U.S.A.

Explanatory Key Under Cartouche:

Submarine Telegraph Cables thus Black
Mean Isothermal lines for January Blue
Mean Isothermal lines for July Red

Legend on Horizon: Patented June 17, 1924

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Wood, Mahogany