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Globe, American, Rand McNally, Terrestrial, 8-Inch Table Globe, Tripod Iron Stand, Chicago, Late 1920s


Rand McNally & Company
8-Inch Terrestrial Globe
Chicago: Late 1920s
Tripod iron stand
15 inches high

The terrestrial globe, having iron hour circles at each pole, raised at 23.5 degrees on a curved inclination arm with ball and claw socket on a tripod cast iron stand with raised foliate decoration, the cabriole legs with bosses at the knees ending in ball and claw feet. The ball (sphere) on each foot has latitude and longitude lines mimicking a terrestrial globe. Figure-eight analemma in the Pacific Ocean. Railroad and steamship routes indicated by red lines; steamship routes labeled with distances in nautical miles.

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Oceans are green (faded blue) and geographic entities ochre, tan and light purple, some with heavier outline. Countries, major cities, and major rivers are indicated. Locations of major geographical features such as deserts and mountain ranges are labeled but not drawn. However, the Great Wall of China is indicated by a light, wavy line and highlighted in light purple. The entire Antarctic continent is indicated by a generalized tan shape, but only portions of it are outlined in black, reflecting that the coastline had not yet been mapped in detail. Colonial information is provided throughout the globe. Islands and countries are labeled in parentheses after their names and include the names or abbreviations for the countries claiming possession. Korea is labeled “Chosen” with “Korea” in parentheses. The Greenwich Meridian and International Date Line are shown. The Equator is graduated and beneath it in the Pacific Ocean is labeled “Longitude West of Greenwich.” This globe shows present-day St. Petersburg, Russia, as “Leningrad,” establishing a date no earlier than 1924. Further, it shows Constantinople rather than Istanbul, indicating a date of manufacture before 1930.

Rand McNally issued a variety of 8-inch globes on a variety of stands fin the mid 20th Century. This model, from about 1924 to 1930 has an oval cartouche with characteristic simple coloring of geographic entities and steamship routes in red. It is raised on its original tripod iron stand with bold cabriole legs and ball and claw feet. The design of this stand is more typical to earlier table globes of various sizes that Rand McNally issued in the first quarter of the 20th century. It is loosely adapted from the cabriole legs and ball and claw feet employed on early English Georgian furniture which also was adopted in America on furniture produced in the mid to late 18th century.

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Oval Cartouche: RAND McNALLY/ EIGHT-INCH/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ Copyright by/ Rand McNally & Company/ Chicago/ Made in U. S. A.

Legend next to analemma in red: Railroad and Steamship Lines. Figures in red along steamship routes indicate distances in nautical miles. A geographical or nautical mile is 6080 feet.

Condition: Recently professionally restored including varnish removal and revarnishing, some minor abrasions and losses restored with manuscript and color, now exhibiting the usual overall light toning, wear, handling. Red steamship lines somewhat faded.

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