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Globe, American, Hammond, Terrestrial World, 9-Inch Table Globe, Pedestal Mahogany Stand, New York, 1930s (Sold)

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C.S. Hammond & Co.
9-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
New York, Brooklyn, Boston: c. Mid 1930s
Verdigris metal stand
15 inches high; 7-inch diameter base

For never a traveler’s heart but flames
To read a globe’s enchanting names;
To him who’s circled land and sea,
A globe is a thing of wizardry!

— from Globe Handbook and Atlas – Gazetteer of the World, C.S. Hammond & Co., New York: 1934

The terrestrial globe is surmounted by an hour circle canted in a calibrated half meridian, raised on an turned mahogany pedestal stand. The top of the meridian has a distinctive stepped (sort of serrated) geometric form in the Art Deco taste; this style is unique to Hammond globes. The globe shows countries, rivers, and major cities. American states are indicated by dashed lines and labeled, except for nine smaller northeastern states, which are numbered according to a key above the analemma

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C.S. Hammond & Co. was a prominent producer of maps and globes from the late 19th century though most of the 20th Century. In its formative years, it was one of the few globe manufacturers not to move to Chicago, instead producing their globes in New York, Brooklyn and Boston. Many of their globes from the second quarter of the 20th Century resemble those made by the London globe maker Philip & Son, which possibly provided the gores to Hammond. In addition, in this period, some Hammond globes were made by the Chicago globe maker Weber Costello, affixed with a Hammond overlabel on the cartouche.

Oval Cartouche: HAMMOND’S/ 9 INCH/ TERRESTRIAL GLOBE/ 3036/ Principal Steamship Routes with/ Distances in Nautical Miles/ Principal Transcontinental Railways/ C.S. HAMMOND & CO./ COPYRIGHT/  NEW YORK BROOKLYN BOSTON

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Art Deco