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Globe, American, Hammond, Terrestrial World, 8-Inch Table Globe, Tripod Iron Stand, New York, 1920s (Sold)

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C. S. Hammond & Co., New York (seller)
“New Terrestrial Globe”
8-Inch Terrestrial Table Globe
New York and Chicago: c. 1924 to 1926
Weber Costello Co., Chicago Heights, Illinois (importer/manufacturer)
G. W. Bacon & Co. Ltd., London (globe gore printer)
14 inches high

An attractive medium-sized table globe, on a traditional cast iron cabriole leg stand, appropriate for desk or shelf display.

The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a tin hour circle, canted at an angle on an inclination arm, on a tripod iron stand with raised foliate decoration and cabochons between the cabriole legs, ending in paw feet. Oceans are blue, geographic entities are cream-colored, yellow, a faded shade of red or light green. Warm and cold ocean currents are indicated by white or blue lines respectively. Winds over the oceans are labeled and indicated with arrows. Blue and red isothermal lines. Other informational features include a figure-eight analemma and a small box with a diagram of the curvature of the earth’s surface at a scale of 2 inches per mile.

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The globe shows present-day St. Petersburg, Russia, as “Leningrad;” therefore, it was made after 1924. Further, it shows Constantinople rather than Istanbul, indicating a date of manufacture before 1930. In addition, it shows Northern Territory in Australia, rather than North Australia and Central Australia, indicating it was made before the 1927 geographic division and name change, or after 1931 when it was changed back to Northern Territory. The gores (maps on the globe’s surface) were printed by the British firm of G.W. Bacon, imported and manufactured into globes by the American firm Weber Costello, and sold by C.S. Hammond. The Weber Costello diamond-shaped cipher is printed above the cartouche.

Read more in our Guide to Globe Makers about the C.S. Hammond and Weber Costello companies.

Diamond-shaped cipher above cartouche: TIME TESTED/ W.C./ SCHOOL SUPPLIES

Round cartouche (overlabel): 8 INCH GLOBE/ NEW/ TERRESTRIAL/ GLOBE/ C. S. HAMMOND & CO./ NEW YORK

There are two reference boxes under the cartouche.

Top box:
43.3. Length of a degree of Longitude along each Latitude circle.
12450 Circumference of each Latitude circle.
3963 Distance through earth (Diameter) of each Latitude circle.
The above distances are shown in English Miles.

Bottom box:
Isothermal lines for January [blue line]
Isothermal lines for July [red line]
International Date Line [thick red line]
Warm Currents White Cold Currents Blue

Copyright notice beneath bottom box: COPYRIGHT, G.W. BACON & CO. LTD. LONDON/ Printed in England.

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