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Globe, American, Dennoyer-Geppert, Terrestrial World, 4-Inch Table Globe, Round Patented Stand, Chicago, c. 1930s


Denoyer-Geppert Company
4-Inch Terrestrial Desk Globe
Chicago: c. 1930s
6.25 inches high

A terrestrial table globe in a semi-meridian which can be adjusted in various positions. The globe is made of metal with screened painted cartography and is mounted on a circular tin dish base, painted black. The base is imprinted in red with manufacturer’s information and instructions on how to adjust the globe in geography lessons. Oceans are blue-green, land masses are shaded in various tones including purple, yellow, green and pink. This model of globe is pictured in the Denoyer-Geppert Company’s 1936 catalog.

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This was intended to be an inexpensive globe for classroom use in which the students would have these at their desks while the teacher would lead the lesson with a larger globe. For the teaching of geography, it offers an innovative feature that the company called a “sliding clamp” which allows the meridian to be adjusted at different angles relative to the vertical “upright wire” attached to the base. Loosening the clamp permits the meridian to slide; tightening it secures it in place. Other examples of this globe exist, with different text on the base, advertising the products of the Denoyer-Geppert Company. Those were probably promotional items.

The base explains how to use the sliding clamp:


For most work in geography your city should be on top. Turn the semi-meridian one half turn to the right and slide it so that your antipodes (the place exactly opposite to you) comes directly over the upright wire. Tighten the meridian. Place the semi-meridian in a north and south plane with the north pole to the north. It is now possible to see where the different countries or continents are from your location.

For teaching change of seasons set the globe so that the Antarctic Circle is just over the upright wire. For further suggestions consult “Manual Accompanying Cartocraft Globes.”

Chicago, U.S.A.

The Denoyer-Geppert Company was a Chicago-based globe manufacturer and school supplier. Read more about the firm in our Guide to Globe Makers.

Oval Cartouche: 4″ GLOBE/ Made by/ Denoyer-Geppert Co/ Chicago U.S.A./ Scale 2000 Miles/ to the inch/ COPYRIGHT

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall light toning, wear, oxidation, abrasions. Few small indentations near South Pole, unobtrusive.

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