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Globe, American, Cheney, Terrestrial World, 8-Inch Table Globe, 3-Leg Oak Stand, Antique, Connecticut, 1880s (Reserved)

Flavius Cheney (1843-1927) (designer)
8-Inch Terrestrial Globe
[The Cheney Globe Co., Mystic or Mystic Bridge, Connecticut]: c. 1880s
Oak tripod stand
14 inches high

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The terrestrial globe is surmounted by a brass finial and canted at an angle on an oak inclination arm with a central iron axis rod. It is raised on an oak tripod stand with flat shaped curved legs, headed by upright pointed acorn-shaped finals at the knees, with incised lobed fan shaped decoration under the knees, and with a central downward pointing acorn-shaped finial between the legs at the stem.

The oceans are cream-colored; geographic entities are cream or light blue. Mountain ranges are shaded with hatched lines. The ecliptic and equator are indicated with dashed lines. Dakota is shown as a single territory, indicating a date of prior to 1898. Oklahoma is shown in its entirety as Indian Territory, indicating a date prior to 1890. The tracks of Captain Cook’s voyages are shown. Only part of the Antarctic continent is mapped, with the rest labeled “Antarctic Ocean.” There is an oval analemma in the Pacific Ocean.

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The Cheney Globe Co. was founded by Flavius Cheney, a resident of Seneca Falls, New York. Cheney was an inventor and seller of globes and products relating to blackboard erasers and slating materials. In 1882, he obtained a patent for a “method of mounting globes.” He also received an 1885 patent for his dustless blackboard eraser and in 1896 obtained a copyright for a physical globe. Cheney wrote A Globe Manual for Schools, which he copyrighted in 1882, explaining various basic principles and terms of geography and astronomy with student exercises involving globes. This manual was subsequently copyrighted in 1886 by The American Globe and School Supply Co., also of Seneca Falls, New York. The Cheney Globe Company of Mystic, Connecticut, published a Catalogue and Pricelist of Globes for 1891. This catalog offered and illustrated various globes — 6, 8, 12 and 18 inches in diameter — on a choice of various stands. The oak stand of the offered globe is among those illustrated in this catalog.


Condition: Recently professionally restored and revarnished, restoring some minor abrasions; now very good with the usual remaining overall toning, wear, handling and slight checking to paper. Stand very good with the usual light shrinkage and wear.


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