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Genre Art, Farmers, Villagers, Shepherds, Westall, 6 Antique Prints, Early 19th C. (Sold)

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Richard Westall (1765-1836) (after)
Jean Thouvenin (c. 1765-c. 1828) (engraver)
Les Moissonneurs Effrayés par L’orage [The Harvesters Frightened by the Thunderstorm]
Le Berger Racontant Ses Malheurs [The Shepherd Relates His Misfortunes]
La Danse de Village [The Village Dance]
Les Charmes de la Moisson [The Charms of the Harvest]
La Famille du Meunier Allant au Moulin [The Miller’s Family Going to the Mill]
Le Village Abandonné [The Deserted Village]
Chez Tessari et Cie., Quai des Augustins, No. 25, Paris: 1st Quarter 19th Century
Color printed stippled and etched engraving
18.75 x 22.5 inches, overall
16 x 21 inches, image excluding text

Set of six finely printed rustic scenes depicting farmers and villagers at work and play. They convey a sense of liveliness, warmth and camaraderie among the rural folk, set within fully realized landscape backgrounds. The titles are engraved within calligraphic borders beneath each print.

Richard Westall belonged to an English family of painters and illustrators. He became a student at the Royal Academy Schools in 1785, and a full academician in 1794. He exhibited over 300 works there and 70 at the British Institution. Westall was one of the early watercolorists, and for a time gave drawing lessons to Queen Victoria when she was girl. However, he is mainly remembered for his book illustrations, for publishers such as John Boydell, Thomas Macklin and Robert Bowyer.

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Jean Thouvenin was a French line and stipple engraver, who mainly produced prints of religious and history subjects.

Tessari et Compagnie was a Parisian print publisher in the Quai des Augustins. Over 160 prints they made between 1811 to 1830, many engraved by Thouvenin, are recorded in The Image of France, an online documentation project that covers that time period.


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