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Gavel, Fancy, Gift, Large Selection, Vintage and Antique

Selection of Premium Gavels
American or English: 19th-20th Century
Wood (except G5, which is acrylic and metal)
Sizes vary
Prices listed below

Shown here are a selection of finely crafted gavels in a variety of exotic woods, nicely turned. Prices are as follows:
(G1) Walnut, richly patinated, $250
(G2) Stocky mahogany gavel with good weight, $450
(G3) Handsome tiger grain wood, $200
(G4) Parquetry handle of exotic woods, $450
(G5) Acrylic and metal modernist, $225
(G6) Rosewood with mother of pearl dot accents, $350
(G7) British barristers gavel, mahogany, $250
(G8) Deeply turned gavel head, $450
(G9) British barristers gavel, lignum vitate, $325

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20th Century