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Gavel, Presentation, New Yorkers, NYC Women’s Club, Antique, 1920s (Sold)

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New Yorkers Gavel
American: c. 1920s
Ebonized wood
9.75 x 2.5 inches, gavel
1.75 inches diameter, mallet head

Turned ebonized wood ceremonial gavel with engraved silver toned band, made for the New Yorkers, a women’s social club founded in 1907. The engraved band is wrapped around the mallet head and attached by three screws. The band is engraved with the name of the club, as well as the club’s founder and first president, Edyth Totten McGrath, the years of her term, 1907-1909, and the names and terms two subsequent presidents, Mabel G. Russell (1913-1917) and Kathryn Mills (1917-1919).

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The New Yorkers social club was founded to “facilitate social intercourse, broaden intellectuality, encourage congeniality and harmony, and promote the general progress of New York women.” Membership was open to women born in New York State or who had lived in the state for five years. By 1908, the New Yorkers had a membership of 400.

Edyth Totten McGrath was a New York City society woman active in social welfare and political groups, including the Woman’s Press Club; William Lloyd Garrison Equal Rights Association, a women’s suffrage organization; the Woman’s Democratic Club; the Rainy Day Club; the City Federation; the Little Mothers’ Club and the Women’s Health Protective Association.

Inscription on metal plate: New Yorkers/ Edyth Totten McGrath/ Founder & President/ 1907-1909/ Mabel G. Russell/ 1913-1915/ Mabel G. Russell/ 1915-1917/ Kathryn Mills/ 1917-1919.


Roberts, Ina Brevoort, ed. Club Women of New York. New York: Club Women of New York Company, 1908. pp. 76 and 282. Online at Google Books: (2 June 2014).

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