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Games and Toys, Board Game, Cornellopoly, Cornell University, Vintage Game, 1991


Late for the Sky Production Company, Cincinnati, Ohio: 1991
Board game, boxed
20.25 x 10.25 x 1 inch box

A limited edition board game, according to the box label “designed for alumni, students and friends of Cornell University.” The box label further specifies that the game contains “one folding game board, five tokens, Campus Mail and Contingency Cards, Years of Credit, Diplomas, play money, deeds and dice.”

Late for the Sky Production Company produced board games loosely based on Monopoly, custom designed for a large number of American Universities and Colleges. They were made in the early 1990s. Some are more common than others in today’s market; the Cornell game apparently is quite rare, particularly, as here, in shrink-wrap sealed mint condition.