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Fine Art, The Birthplace of C.A. Wm. Luders, American Folk Art, Antique, 1918 (Sold)

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William Lüders (artist)
The Birthplace of C. A. Wm. Lüders, Born March 20 1840
American: 1918
Watercolor on paperboard
Signed and dated lower left: W. L. 1918
10 x 12 inches, overall

Charming folk art watercolor with a nostalgic portrayal of rural American life in the 19th century as re-imagined some 80 years later. This portrayal of “the birthplace of C.A. William Lüders,” evidently was painted by a descendant. The modest house, cheerily decorated with flower pots in every window, is set in a rural landscape beside a stream. The mother leans on the lower half of the front door, the father walks down the path apparently on his way to go hunting, and a small child sits on a rock in the yard. The title, signature and date are written on a rolled scroll decorated with a row of red hearts. The heart motif is typical of the folk art of the Pennsylvania Dutch (German Lutheran and Reformed settlers of Eastern Pennsylvania). Hence this work might be of such origin, particularly since Lüders is a German name.

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