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Fine Art, Modern, Abstract Expressionist, Canada, British Columbia, Linda Lindeberg, Oil Pastel, 1964


Linda Lindeberg (1915-1973)
Victoria, B.C.
American: 1964
Oil pastel on paper
Signed, dated and titled lower right
11 x 13.75 inches

Landscape drawing inspired by Victoria, British Columbia, by Linda Lindeberg in her characteristic linear Abstract Expressionist style. She employs an array of marks in black, green and blue that seems to imply boats moving on the surface of a busy waterway. Linda Lindeberg was an American painter, part of a group of New York Abstract Expressionists who socialized together and also spent summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and in East Hampton, New York. She studied under Hans Hofmann at his New York school. Her mature style was a gestural and airy, exploring ways of mark making in ink, pencil, and oil paint on paper. Although highly abstracted, her subjects were mainly landscapes and nudes. Lindeberg was married to the artist Giorgio Cavallon and the couple was close friends of Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee Krasner; a New York Times article by food critic Craig Claiborne in 1969 describes them preparing for a dinner party that Ms. Krasner would be attending. In 1979 Lindeberg was included along with Pollock, Krasner, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Kline in an exhibition at the American Cultural Center in Paris, called “Around Jackson Pollock, East Hampton 1946‐56, 15 Abstract Expressionists,” organized by gallerist Virginia Zabriskie. One of Lindeberg’s drawings from 1962 is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Her papers are in the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

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Paper labels verso from A.M. Sachs Gallery, New York, and Kulicke Frames, New York, the latter indicating it was framed the year the artist died.


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