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Sporting Art, Game Animals, Ducks, Vintage Watercolor


R. Heimburg
Dutch: c. 1930s
Gouache and watercolor on paper mounted to board
Signed lower left: RH
10.5 x 15.75 inches, image
13.5 x 18.5 inches, overall

Illustration for publication showing nine species of ducks. They are depicted near a pond area and are numbered. The numbers correspond to the names of the birds written on verso in Dutch, as follows (our translations in brackets): 1. Carolina-eend [Wood Duck], 2. Aylesbury-eend [Aylesbury Duck], 3. Gndische loop-eend, 4. Wilde-eend [Mallard], 5. Roest-eend [Ruddy Shelduck], 6. Berg-eend [Common Shelduck], 7. Weduw-eend [Widow Duck], 8. Peking-eend [Peking Duck], 9. Eider-eend [Common Eider]

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As in Britain, France and Germany, the Netherlands embraced the progressive social and pedagogic ideals of the 18th century Enlightenment and began producing a great quantity of educational literature for both children and adults. The invention of low-cost color printing in the 19th century had an immediate impact on European and American children’s books, allowing them to enhance book illustration. This early-20th-century natural history illustration represents a continuation of that tradition.

Condition: Very good, the colors bright, with the usual overall light toning and wear. Some minor abrasions. Some scattered foxing in image slightly visible in sky and water but not obtrusive. Some minor scattered staining, foxing, bumps, pinholes in margins, can be matted out.