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Natural History Art, Dog Studies, Cassell’s, Antique Prints, 19th C.


C. Burton Barber, R.S. Moseley and various illustrators (artists)
Cassell’s Illustrated Book of the Dog
Vincent, Brooks, Day & Sons, Lithographers and Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. (lithographers)
London: c. 1870s-1880s
8.5 x 10.5 inches
13 prints available
$150 each

Various prints from this set shown left.  Most are sold.  Please inquire as to current selection.

Dachshunds. “Festus,” “Waldman” and “Schlupferie.”
Pomeranian, “Charley” and Maltese, “Hugh”
Bedlington Terrier, “Geordie” and Dandie Dinmont Terrier, “Doctor”
Bull Dogs, “Doon Brae” and “Smasher”
Gordon Setter, “Blossom”
Skye Terriers, “Sam” and “Perkie”
Irish Water Spaniel, “Captain”
English Terriers, “Silvio,” “Serpolette” and “Salford.”
Newfoundland. “Leo”
Rough Coated St. Bernards, “Bayard” and “Barry”
Deerhound, “Spey”
Pointer, “Wagg”
Mastiff, “Wolsey”

Chromolithographs of different breeds of dog that originally appeared as illustrations in Cassell’s Illustrated Book of the Dog. The dogs are depicted in naturalistic interior or landscape settings and are identified by their name, breed and owner. The descriptions of each dog from the book accompany these prints.

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19th Century