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Decorative Arts, Figurines, Wooden Mannequin Head, Hat Stand, Orrery, Solar System, Ceramic, mid 20th Century


Mannequin Head
Hat or Wig Stand
France, mid 20th Century
13 inches high

A whimsical mid century mannequin head form hat or wig stand of high gloss white ceramic with black hand-painted decoration. The head is a simple rounded form tapering to a rounded base. The face of the earth has concentric planetary rings on its head in the order used by the Ptolemaic system, labeled in French, with the names of the moon, the sun and the five planets, along with their astronomical symbols. The planets are those identified by the astronomer Ptolemy in the time of ancient Rome. In the 20th Century when this figurine was made, the Ptolemaic system had long been replaced by the Copernican system in which the earth is known to revolve around the sun. The style overall is related to the Art Deco movement, in sharp contrasting white and black colors and repeating geometric shapes and simple lines.

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This mannequin head is reminiscent of various ceramic hat stands formed as a woman’s head that were produced by the Stangl Pottery Company, Trenton, New Jersey in the mid 20th century. Other earlier extant American, English, and continental painted examples made in paper mache and wood are known, some considered folk art. Figurine heads of this type are generally said to have been made for display of hats in a millinery shop or the storage of hats or wigs at home. This example is unusual in its abstract form as a solar system with face with planets.

Condition: Fine overall.

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20th Century



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