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Decorative Arts, Box, Tea Caddies, Various Styles, Shapes, Woods, Finishes, Antique

Tea Caddies and Other Wooden Boxes
English, American, Continental, Asian
18th to 20th Century
Various styles, shapes, woods and finishes
Prices vary, please inquire

Hepplewhite Tea Caddy
Tea Caddy Painted with Musical Motifs, Closed
Tea Caddy Painted with Musical Motifs, Open
Oval Jewelry Box, Closed
Oval Jewelry Box, Open
Asian Red Lacquer Box

We offer an assortment of antique and vintage wooden boxes — including English tea caddies — useful as storage for stationery and writing
items on a desk and for storing small items on the dressing table. Or place them on shelves, side tables, coffee tables, etc. as decorative accents.

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Wooden tea caddies are boxes used to store and dispense tea for home use. They were very popular in Georgian and Victorian England from the mid 18th century to the end of the 19th century. They often reflect the style of the period in which they were made such as Georgian, neoclassical, Regency and Victorian revival. Various forms include rectangular, oval, sarcophagus, chest, and fruit shape (such as an apple or pear). They often are adorned with brass or other hardware for lifting including bale handles or lion masks with rings. They are made of a variety of woods including mahogany, rosewood, walnut, and fruitwoods. Some boxes are decorated with inlaid exotic woods; others have painted designs. The insides of the boxes are sometimes fitted with separate compartments for green and black tea, sugar, or a mixing bowl. Today, antique tea caddies are popular among collectors and interior designers for storage of personal items and generally as decoration.

Condition: Each in very good condition with nice patina, having the usual overall wear and usage. Some have minor chips or scratches, warping, lifting of veneer (restored), or splitting of bottom board. Some have locks; some of those are working others are not or are lacking keys.