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Decor, Armillary Sphere, Astrology Zodiac Ring

Decorative Armillary Sphere
Late 20th Century
Metal with wooden base
13 inches high, 8.25 inches wide (outer ring)

Available for prop rental or purchase; please inquire.

A decorative astrology armillary sphere. It has several stationary concentric rings with a metal sphere in the center. The outermost ring has raised, engraved directional indicators labeled N, S, E and W. A wide inner gilt ring is engraved with pictorial representations of the astrological  signs of the zodiac and the names of the months of the year. The armillary is raised on a brass central standard on an octagonal molded wooden base.

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Demonstrational armillary spheres were commonly produced in England, France and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries to show various basic principles of astronomy, and continued to be manufactured in the 20th century. An armillary sphere with the earth at the center is known as Ptolemaic, and an armillary sphere with the sun at the center is known as Copernican. Ptolemy (2nd Century A.D), an Alexandrian astronomer believed that the earth was at the center of the universe. Ptolemaic armillary spheres were produced in Islamist countries, reaching advanced levels as early as the 10th century. Notwithstanding that Ptolemaic armillaries have a globe in the center (rather than the sun), they were created to show modern principles of astronomy including the ecliptic plane of the earth and how that relates to the apparent path of the sun and the visibility of various constellations in the zodiac throughout the year.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning, wear, handling.

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Globe Type



Metal, Wood


20th Century