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Caricature & Satire, Marriage, Matrimony, Antique Print, London, 1840s


Dean & Co., London: c. 1843-1846
Hand-colored lithograph
8.75 x 11.25 inches

Parlor room scene of a young married couple relaxing at home, presumably over afternoon tea, though they appear somewhat disengaged, facing opposite directions. The father has exchanged his boots for slippers and is absorbed reading his newspaper absent-mindedly while petting the dog seated at his feet. The mother is focused on playing with their baby with a rattle. The table is set with a silver tea service and steam rises from a kettle on the stove. On the walls hang two paintings that hint with gentle humor that they have each abandoned more adventurous youthful fantasies for the domesticity they now share: an Arctic landscape titled “Ice-Land” behind the husband and a reclining cupid titled “Love’s Dream” behind the wife.

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Dean & Co. was a London printer and publisher of lithographic and woodcut satires, children’s books, jigsaw puzzles, and portrait engravings. The company was founded before 1800 by Thomas Dean and traded under his name until 1810. Thereafter it was known as Dean & Munday from 1811 to 1842, Dean and Co. between 1843 and 1846, and Thomas Dean & Son from 1847 when George Alfred Dean became a partner in the firm until after 1871. In 1921 it was bought by Odham’s the imprint continued until sometime after 1933.

Full publication information: Dean & Co. Threadneedle St.


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