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Caricature & Satire, British, Dear Albert, Antique Print, London, Mid 19th Century


John Lewis Marks (c.1796 – 1855) (artist and lithographer)
Dear Albert
J.L.Marks, London: c. 1832-1855
Signed in matrix lower right: JLM
Hand-colored lithograph
10.25 x 8 inches

Satirical Victorian era caricature print of a plump, aristocratic German woman dancing with a grinning black man in ragged clothes, apparently intended to represent her servant. The caption spoofs the woman’s pretensions to compare herself to Queen Victoria, whose husband was Prince Albert: “Dear Albert, arter all there’s nothing like the Valtz! I vonders if the Kiveen feels the same delighful [sic] sensations when she’s Valtzing with her Albert, as I dos?” By the time this print was likely made (after 1833) slavery had been abolished throughout the British Empire, but the portrayal of Albert’s wide eyes, broad smile, and childlike demeanor are typical of racial stereotypes of that era. Apparently rare; we were unable to locate any other examples of this print.

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John Lewis Marks was a British caricaturist, etcher, lithographer, and print publisher. He began working as a caricaturist from at least 1814, initially for other publishers, especially Thomas Tegg, but later usually published the works himself. His business was located on Long Lane from 1832 to 1855. Upon his death in 1855, his publishing business was continued by his widow Sarah and her children until at least 1893, trading as S. Marks & Sons.

Full publication information: London Pub’d by J.L. Marks Long Lane Smithfield.

Condition:  Generally very good, recently professionally cleaned and deacidified, with some remaining toning and wear.


“J. Lewis Marks (Biographical details).” British Museum. 2017. (16 August 2018).

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19th Century