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Botanical, Print, Orchid, Warner, John Nugent Fitch, Antique, London, Late 19th Century


John Nugent Fitch (1840-1927)
Robert Warner (1814-1896), Benjamin Samuel Williams (1822-1890), Thomas Moore (1821-1887 (editors)
Orchid Botanical Studies
Orchid Album, Comprising Coloured Figures and Descriptions of New, Rare and Beautiful Orchidaceous Plants
Benjamin Samuel Williams, Victoria and Paradise Nurseries, London: 1882-97
Lithographs, printed in colors, finished by hand
12 x 9.5 inches overall
$200 each

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A selection of colorful orchid botanical studies from the Orchid Album. The 528 plates in this major work were lithographed by John Nugent Fitch based on his original watercolors. The series, issued over nearly two decades, eventually numbered 11 volumes. Nearly 400 of the original watercolors by Fitch are in the Natural History Museum in London.

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The cultivation of orchids was all the rage in late Victorian England and on the continent and several orchid societies thrived. It was published by Benjamin Samuel William. A tribute to him, appearing in volume 9, recollects his goals in publishing this important work:

In 1881 he commenced his magnum opus, the Orchid Album, which was projected with the idea of supplying a demand for illustrations of Orchidaceous plants, with botanical descriptions of the plants figured, and notes on their cultivation. … Its appearance was hailed with great satisfaction in horticultural circles throughout the world, and it numbers among its subscribers nearly all lovers of Orchids and many of our leading and most influential horticulturalists.

John Nugent Fitch was the nephew of renowned botanical artist Walter Hood Fitch. Both men also contributed to the monumental English colorplate work, Curtis’s Botanical Magazine.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual light toning, wear, soft creases. Colors bright and fresh.


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