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Games & Pastimes, Billiards, Kissing and Snookered, Lance Thackeray, Antique Print Pair, 1902


Lance Thackeray (d. 1916)
A Billiard Match: “Kissing”
A Billiard Match: “Snookered”

Landerer & Brown, London: 1902
Chromolithograph on wove paper, printed in Bavaria
17 x 22 inches, sheet
$900, the pair

Pair of brightly colored Edwardian billiard prints, telling a story a young couple illustrated by terms in billiards that apply to both the game and their courtship.

“Kissing” is a term in billiards, where the cueball rests touching the opponent’s ball, as has happened on the table, but that’s not the only kissing going on here. A young Edwardian gentleman steals a romantic moment with his female companion while the little boy’s back is turned.

“Snookered” is a term in billiards, where the cueball rests behind the opponent’s ball, as has happened on the table. In this print, the young woman’s portly father has interrupted both their game and their courtship, and sent her out of the room. Note the position of the colored billiard balls underscores the point that the father, in black, has come between the woman in white and the man in a red vest.


Lance Thackeray was a British artist best known for his comic sporting illustration art, especially billiards and golf, and his humorous postcards. He was active between 1899 and 1916.

Condition: Each print with printed titled black border. Generally very good with the usual light toning, wear, soiling, soft creases. Scattered light foxing. Margins slightly trimmed but ample. Few marginal tears neatly restored.

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