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Astronomy, Diagram, World Globe, Antique Print, Coronelli, Venice, 1689


Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718)
Fictus, Aloysi, Tibi Sistitur Orbis Ab Arte, Verus At Ante Pedes, Marte, Iubente, Cadet
[Astronomy Lesson]

Venice: 1689
Hand-colored engraving
18.5 x 24.5 inches, platemark
19.25 x 28.75 inches, overall

A Coronelli print showing aristocrats receiving a geography or astronomy lesson. The students are directed to a huge terrestrial globe, showing just the equator, tropical, eclipical (zodiac), and polar circles. The globe rests on a Baroque stand supported by three turbaned atlas-like monopod term figures. The print has three elaborate Baroque cartouches with dedications by Coronelli to King Louis XIV of France, and Italian dignitaries.

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Vincenzo Maria Coronelli was one of the great geographers, authors and cartographic engravers of the Baroque period, a prolific writer on cartography as well as an esteemed globe maker, commissioned by royal and noble patrons. He was trained in theology and became a friar, but turned his energies increasingly to geography, producing more than 100 large and small globes, several hundred maps, geographic and cartographic publications, and seven volumes of a projected forty-five volume encyclopedia. In 1684 he founded the Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti in his native Venice, the first geographical society, mainly devoted to promoting his works.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall toning and wear. Few abrasions professionally restored.  Center vertical fold as issued.


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