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Art, Architecture, Ancient Greece and Rome, D’Espouy, Antique Prints, Paris, c. 1900

Hector-Jean-Baptiste d’Espouy (1854-1929) (editor)
Prints of Architectural Elements
from Fragments D’Architecture Antique [Fragments of Ancient Architecture]
Charles Massin, Paris: 1905
Sepia-printed heliogravures
18 x 12 inches each overall
$300 to $450 each

As of March 2022, all of the prints shown here are in stock. Many others are available; please inquire for additional information.

Important architectural elements and designs from ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman architecutre. They are part of a large series of prints based on renderings by advanced students at the School of Beaux Arts, overseen by Hector  d’Espouy, who was their professor. Beaux Arts training included the study of antiquity through meticulous drawings from artifacts and plaster casts. D’Espouy’s collection brought together drawings of the Acropolis, Parthenon, Pompeii, Roman temples, the Pantheon, the Coliseum and other sites, for which he provided captions. These meticulous studies are still of interest to contemporary historians and as source material for architects and designers. A large set of D’Espouy architectural prints, purchased from George Glazer Gallery by renowned interior designer Alexa Hampton and displayed in her New York apartment, were shown in Architectural Digest. (See photo this page, and the entire article in our Press section.)

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Hector-Jean-Baptiste d’Espouy (sometimes written Espouy) was a French painter and architect, as well as a professor of ornamental design at the School of Beaux Arts in Paris starting in 1895. He exhibited landscapes and views of monuments at the Salon of 1880. In 1884, he won the Grand Prix de Rome, a scholarship for four years of study at Villa Medici, which he followed by several years of travel in Greece and Italy. He edited the highly influential publication Fragments D’Architecture Antique [Fragments of Ancient Architecture] (Paris: 1905), as well as other illustrated architectural books including a set on Medieval and Renaissance architecture.

Prints shown above, available as of March 2022:

Temple D’Érechthée à Athènes [Temple of Erechtheus at Athens], Plate 13

Temple D’Érechthée à Athènes [Temple of Erechtheus at Athens], Plate 15

Monument de Lisicrate à Athènes [Monument of Lisicrate at Athens], Plate 22

Fragments Divers à Pompeii [Various Fragments at Pompeii], Plate 27

Temple de Vesta à Rome [Temple of Vesta at Rome], Plate 42

Temple de Vesta à Rome [Temple of Vesta at Rome], Plate 43

Temple de Mars Vengeur à Rome [Temple of Mars Avenger at Rome], Plate 56

Temple de Mars Vengeur à Rome [Temple of Mars Avenger at Rome], Plate 61

Portique d’Octavie à Rome [Portico of Octavius at Rome], Plate 66

Musée de Latran [Latran Museum], Plate 78

Chapiteau Antique [Ancient Capital], Plate 95

Temple de Jupiter-Stator à Rome [Temple of Jupiter-Stator at Rome], Plate 90

Condition: Each generally very good with light toning, wear, handling. Paper tone varies on some prints from others.


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