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World’s Fair Souvenir, Chicago 1933, Hall of Science, Architectural Model, Vintage Lamp, c. 1933 (Sold)

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Chicago World’s Fair Hall of Science
Architectural Model/Lamp

American: 1934
Pewter or white metal
11 x 10.25 x 3 inches, overall

A rare scale architectural model of the façade of the Hall of Science building at the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair, a streamlined, modernist Art Deco structure that exemplified the fair’s theme “A Century of Progress International Exhibition.” The U-shaped building was designed by Philadelphia architect Paul Cret, and featured a 176-foot carillon tower. On the model, raised relief letters to the left of the main entrance of the front of the building read “Chicago 1934” and “Hall of Science.” It has a circular threaded bracket in the back that originally held a light bulb socket for use as a table lamp. When turned on, the bulb would create the effect of a backlit building with illuminated windows (pierced openings in the main tower on the model) approximating the appearance of the actual building at night. This lit image was described in the fair’s Official Guide Book: “The Hall of Science of A Century of Progress at night has the appearance of a brilliantly illuminated metal and glass creation, rising from colored terraces.” Indeed, the entire fairground was designed to be dramatically lit after sundown, using concealed and projected lighting, both white and colored, and the height and visibility of the Hall of Science made it stand out. The lamp and electrical components of this example are now lacking, making it essential an architectural model.

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The Chicago World’s Fair celebrated the centenary of Chicago and was held in Burnham Park along Lake Michigan in the Near South Side neighborhood. After the fair’s successful run in 1933, it was renewed for an additional year, closing in October 1934, after which the fairgrounds were disassembled. As such, this model remains as a document of a building that no longer exists.


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