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Advertising Art, Cigars, Lichtenstein Bros., View, Bowery, New York City, Antique Poster, c. 1890s


Lichtenstein Bros. & Co. Cigar Manufacturers, New York
American: c. 1890s
26.50 x 20.50 inches, ruled border
27.75 x 21.75 inches, overall

Lively, colorful poster advertising Lichtenstein Brothers, a New York City cigar manufacturer. The central circular illustration shows a bird’s-eye view of the Lower East Side, Manhattan cigar factory. In the foreground are the office and sales room in the buildings at 266-270 Bowery between Houston and Prince Streets, with the factory building and a courtyard and loading area behind them. The view is enlivened by period details such as horse drawn streetcars, carriages and wagons, pedestrians and crates of cigars stacked on the sidewalk outside the factory. Square vignettes portray satisfied customers enjoying their cigars: three men and also a woman with flowers in her hair whose cigar is smaller and slimmer. The illustrations are framed with bold geometric designs in bright blue, red and black.

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The site of the Lichtenstein Bros. Cigar Factory building is today part of the Bowery Historic District of the National Register of Historic Places, though the only building shown in this poster that remains today is the Italianate stone-faced building at 268 Bowery, minus the pediment and with the addition of fire escapes. It was originally designed by D. & J. Jardine and constructed in 1871. The National Register of Historic Places registration form for the Bowery Historic District puts the date of construction of the Lichtenstein Bros. Cigar Factory as 1876.

Lichtenstein Bros. was a major cigar manufacturer during the second half of the 19th century, employing 1,000 workers in their Manhattan factory at the end of the 19th century. They were in business from at least the 1860s. The firm later merged into the United Cigar Manufacturing Co., which in turn became the General Cigar Co.

Full text (lower left): Office and Salesroom/ 270 Bowery between Houston & Prince Sts.

Full text (lower right): Factory/ 266 1/2, 268, 270, Bowery. 224, 226, 228, 230, 232, 234, 236 Elizabeth St. 187, 198, 191, 193, 195 Eldridge St.

Condition: A bright, colorful image with only minor toning and wear.  Nonetheless, it has a horizontal tear through the word cigar, as well as some marginal tears, all well restored as to be unobtrusive, and reinforced as laid on foam core.


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