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Advertising Art, Beer Brewery, Horsfall Brothers, Savile Park, Halifax, England

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Horsfall Brothers, Savile Park, Halifax
William Bramhall, Atlas Paper Works, Stockport and Manchester, England: 1st Quarter 20th Century
12.5 x 18.75 inches, image
15 x 20 inches, overall

A rare colorful broadside advertisement for the Horsfall Brothers brewery in Halifax, a town in West Yorkshire, England. The central view depicts the Big 6 Inn, a two-story brick building, with a horse and cart standing in front. This illustration is surrounded by a design that incorporates naturalistic depictions of yellow and pink roses, with Wainhouse tower, a Halifax landmark, on the left. Ribbon decorations in the Art Nouveau taste list the products: Dandelion Stout, Hop Ale, Stone Ginger Beer, Big Six and Horehound Beer. These elements are set against a collage of Arts and Crafts style decorative patterns in shades of pale green, pink, gold, brown and light blue. Today, Horsfall Brothers would be called a microbrewery or craft brewery, but in the pre-industrial era, all breweries were local and small scale.

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The Big 6 Inn is a British pub, still operating as of 2016. It began as a beerhouse called The Bowling Green founded in 1857 by John (1824-1886) and William Horsfall, who brewed their own ale in a cottage on the property. From the 1880s, the pub also served as a venue for community activities, including the annual Chrysanthemum Exhibition. In 1894, their nephews William Henry Horsfall and George Horsfall (1856-1928) took over the business, and the pub became known as The Big 6. By 1908, George was running it himself. After his death in 1928, the pub was sold outside the family.

William Bramhall, Atlas Paper Works was a publisher and paper company operating from at least 1879 in Stockport, England, when the business appears in a commercial directory under the listings for paper merchants.


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