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2018, Shopping Feature, Robb Report, Ultimate Gift Guide

Robb Report
“Ultimate Gift Guide”
December 2018

The Robb Report, a magazine devoted to luxury goods and experiences, with 18 international editions, included our James Wilson 3-inch terrestrial globe in its 2018 Ultimate Gift Guide. The globe was published on their Turkish website and to their Swedish Instagram account. Both are pictured here. The globe was produced by Wilson’s Albany, New York, company around the late 1820s and measures 5.25 inches tall overall including the turned wood stand.

Posted to Robb Report, Turkish edition, December 28, 2018 as “Kültür Kurtları İçin Hediye Önerileri” by Bahar Aslan:

Historical Sphere

Since Google Maps has brought the world to our fingertips, the old-fashioned tools we use to explore our planet have become more rare, so the eight-centimeter-wide desk sphere by George Glazer is a treasure worth gift. This miniature version of the Earth, whose height reaches almost 13 centimeters on the maple stand, is made by Wilson & Co. (the founder, James Wilson, the first globe producer of the United States ), and dates back to the end of the 1820s.

Posted to Robb Report, Swedish Instagram account, December 30, 2018:

The ultimate gift guide, no. 31: Historical globe from the end of the 1820s, made by Wilson & Co – America’s first globe maker.

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