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2018, Shopping Feature, Forgotten New York, ‘1st Avenue Upper East Side’

Forgotten New York
“1st Avenue, Upper East Side”
January 21, 2018

A contributor to the website Forgotten New York, whose mission is to call “attention to the artifacts of a long-gone New York” wrote an account of a walk down First Avenue on the Upper East Side. Among the observations are this paragraph and these photos of the storefront of the George Glazer Gallery:

You can pretty much find anything you want in NYC and you can pretty much operate any kind of business you want, provided you have enough money to keep up with the exorbitant rents. I passed this storefront at #308 West 94th and found all manner of interesting knickknacks* in the window of the George Glazer Gallery, which specializes in antique globes and maps. It was closed on this Sunday, but a look online finds a quirky place chockablock with collector’s items.

*The only word in English I can think of with a silent double k

Read the article at Forgotten New York.


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